AASFA Spring Voting Party Canceled

Hello The Peoples of ConFusion!

Like you, we are monitoring the current, global pandemic and we’re adhering to local and state policies regarding the Covid 19 outbreak. Because of the current situation the AASFA Board of Directors has taken the following steps for the AASFA Spring Voting Party:

  • -We are canceling the AASFA Spring Voting Party. It will not be rescheduled. Voting for the AASFA Board of Directors will be pushed to the summer picnic, typically scheduled in July or August.
  • -Due to the Spring Voting Party Cancelation, The AASFA Board has voted to allow the 2021 ConChair to choose a 2021 Theme to submit to the Board for approval. Said Theme will be announced once chosen.
  • – The AASFA Board will continue to monitor the Covid 19 pandemic and will adjust the Summer Picnic as necessary.
  • -In the event that a Summer Picnic is not a viable option, the AASFA Board will advise the membership as needed.

The AASFA Board of Directors wants to assure the ConFusion Membership that every and all precautions are being utilized while we monitor the on-going situation. The 2021 ConChair and ConCom will begin planning for the 2021 convention while monitoring the situation and taking action as required.

We’d also like to extend our heartfelt support to any and all Conventions and Fan Run Gatherings as they work through these difficult times.

Stay Safe, Stay Socially Distant, and Stay Strong ConFusion!

The AASFA Board of Directors:

  • Brian Decker – Pres.
  • Dave Klecha – Vice Pres.
  • Bob Brodis – Sec.
  • Anna Carey – Tres.
  • Allison Anderson
  • Dan Eckerd
  • Lithie Dubois

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