Board Members

The Board is elected for staggered two year terms during the late winter voting meeting.
Current Membership:

  • Brian Decker – President of the Board
  • Dave Klecha – Vice President
  • Bob Brodis – Secretary
  • Anna Carey – Treasurer
  • Allison Anderson
  • Cylithria Dubois
  • Dan Eckerd

One thought on “Board Members

  1. Hey, I think for a virtual confusion, we should use It’s like a mini adventure game where you have an avatar and move around a board. when you get close to people it pops open a video chat. you can set up rooms where any one in the room can chat. you can have different levels and areas. There is also a connect to zoom feature. it doesn’t tie the to chats together, but you can get on a zoom call from so you can make a room for panels, and have the panel hosted on a zoom call.

    Any one wanting to throw a virtual room party can either be given a space of there own to create in the virtual hotel, or again link to a zoom call.

    I would totally be willing to take lead on programming a virtual hotel. We can either make it look like one of the recent hotels, the old van dyke, or something completely new.

    The pricing is a bit stiff, but I talked to them and they would give us a %50 discount for being a non profit. I think this could be a really great thing for the con. It would give it that “wander around finding people” of a con. One issue I found with penguicon’s virtual consuite is there was no way to get away from those folks that dominate the chat and are not really the ones you actually want to talk to. It be really nice to be able to virtually move away from them and have a different conversation.

    I have a personal space set up that i’m going to be using for parties. I would very much be willing to give you all a tour

    Let me know what you think. Thanks.

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