AASFA Board Minutes, June 2013

AASFA Board Meeting 6/18/2013
In attendance:
Brian Decker: President
Anna Carey: Vice President
Secretary: Angie Rush
Chloe Zrnich
Jon Davis
Amy Zrnich
Dave Klecha via Skype
Conchair: Ryan Carey
Meeting called to order at: 7:16
Prior Meeting Minutes: approved BRian opposed
President’s Report – Got nothin’
Treasurer’s Report – We still have money.  Paid the storage shed up until 2/1/2014. AMy says to Jon “This is my report, let me finish!”
Old Business:
New domains – Brian has the passwords.  And the POWER.  “Don’t tell him that!”
Website changes – aasfa site still needs something done to it.  No volunteers?  Dave Klecha has volunteered.
1. It needs to point somewhere.
2. It needs to say something
3. aasfa.stilyagi.org is an option.  Dave is “Meh.”
4. Dreamhost needs to be told that we have aasfa.org & set that up “however the hell we want to do it.”
5. Also we have confusionsf.org – point it to COnfusion.stilyagi?
6. Dave has worked with confusion.stilyagi.org a little bit.  He’s somewhat familiar with drupal.
7. Dave says a secondary drupal instance for aasfa.org & put some “happy fun material” up there.
8. Chloe suggests BYLAWS!
9. Dave will figure it out.
10. Brian and Dave will meet regarding passwords/etc so Dave can get started.
11. Confusionsf.org? Does Dave want to do that, too?
12. Dave says probably just alias it.  Going forward we can decide if we want to carve Stilyagi off, but for now, just alias it.
Passwords are in the file box, do not have fireproof box yet.
THere are other documents in there – passwords, etc.  (Bank, etc.)
Books for the Blind – Books were delivered, thank you note was received
Incorporation Discussion – Brian – Tabled
Square vs Paypal – Amy – Tabled
New Business:
AASFA Picnic:   Park is reserved from 6am to 11pm.  We got a liquor permit.
Saturday, July 20th, 2013 – 12pm-5pm
Someone has to send out an email – Anna will act like an important person
Announce the picnic and that it’s nomination time.
We have access to the nominations email address. (Passwords, woot!)
Jon will come up with the ballot and distribute it
Food budget: Last year was $300.  Anna believes we spent around $260-270.
Hamburgers & hotdogs – also it is potluck
Plates & such from the storage area
Booze? Not providing, but maybe say that it is okay to bring your own but be responsible
Vote for $300 – amy motioned, john seconded – brian abstained, everyone else yes.
Amy needs to pay Brian back for the park rental
July meeting will be at the picnic
ConChair Report: Ryan Carey
I haven’t burned the fucker down yet.
Draco quit. Brian got the passwords and stuff from him, see new business.
John went to Origins and made connections there.
His report:
Legendary – card game.  Ties in with our theme!  It’s a Marvel superhero game.
It’s owned by Upper Deck, John sucked up at Origins to them.
Elements in the cards can be utilized with the program book – at panels people attend panels maybe they can advance & get something related to the game?
At Origins they did a tournament of the game. They gave away PS Vitas.  At GenCon in September they’re giving away two $5000 prizes.
Hoping to do a prerelease of the February expansion at ConFusion and perhaps do a tournament?
If they don’t send a person, they might send the materials, and we’d be responsible for all the cost – $60 x 20 boxes. Ack.
John would like to try to talk them into coming and running their tournament.  He will work on it.
Will have to talk about it at the ConCom meeting because it’s not year-to-year.  If there’s a cost to it, it would be the Con’s responsibility, not the Board.
Next meeting at the Picnic
Meeting called to close at 751  by amy seconded by Anna
yea – everyone except Brian who abstained because he doesn’t want us to leave because he likes when the adults outnumber the toddlers.


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