AASFA Board Minutes, September 2013

AASFA Board Meeting 9/17/2013
In attendance:
Brian Decker: President
Anna Carey: Vice President
Secretary: Angie Rush
Chloe Zrnich
Jon Davis
Amy Zrnich
Dave Klecha (via Skype)
Meeting called to order at: 645 by brian
Prior Meeting Minutes:   angie called to approve minutes, chloe seconded. Brian opposed. Passed.
Discussion about the budget which was approved via email.
President’s Report: File cabinet – It was gone through. We condensed it down to one drawer and shredded the rest.
We are going to scan and file the documents that we kept.
Treasurer’s Report: We still have money. Checks are all cut to take care of the Michigan legal stuff. ¬†They have not been mailed yet.
We’re good til the end of October.
Brian is now our Resident Agent instead of Joe Saul.
Old Business:
Website Splash page – tabled to next meeting.
aasfa.stilyagi.org is going to redirect ultimately to the aasfa site – Tabled
Minutes need to go up on the website – Tabled
Board members on site? – Tabled
Dave is working on documenting things in excel re: passwords – Dave will work on this
Budget: We approved it via email
We have carry over money from last year
Waiting for preregs to start rolling in which is usually november/december
We can float until they start rolling in for any immediate expenses
2015 ConChair: The implied plan was that Dave would assist Ryan with 2014 and then be conchair for 2015
Anna has expressed interest in the past.
Chloe has issues with Board members being conchairs
Angie agrees – also, Board member spouses
Brian does not have a problem with it, other local cons require the conchair to be on the board
There is not an official rule regarding it.
The Board picks because we didn’t want it to be a popularity contest
It’s hard to find Board members and conchairs, so sometimes overlap is neccesary
if we let Dave be the conchair, and table the board/conchair issue until the next time we have to decide
We should ask the stilyagi list for nominations – angie will send it out
Dave is running lit for nasfic, but expects to be done with the schedule by late June

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