AASFA Board Minutes, February 2014


AASFA board 2/26/14
In attendance
Brian Decker, President
Anna Carey, Vice President
Amy Zrnich, Treasurer
Angie Rush, Secretary
John Davis
Chloe Zrnich
2015 Confusion Conchair
Member not in attendance
Dave Klecha
Meeting Called to order at 6:40 by Brian Decker
Motion to approve December minutes Angie, seconded by Chloe
Approve: All in favor (save Brian)
President’s Report: Everything is in old business.
Treasurer’s Report: We still have money.  We had a con. We made money at the con.
Old Business:
Incorporation Discussion – Brian called the attorney.  Paperwork is being gathered for a meeting.
Square vs Paypal – Still investigating options.
AASFA – Money was transferred.
The con needs a printer – We used personal printers at con.  We need to actually buy printers.
Brian: We have bought a printer in the past but it is no longer in commission.
Anna: Last printer was cheap and not really made for the use we needed.
Dave: Decent laser printers are not insanely expensive.
Brian: But toner costs are high for something we’ll use once a year.
Amy: There are different kinds of ink that might stand up to storage better. Plus we are looking to change storage.
Dave: Climate controlled cube might help with that as well.  Solid toner?
Amy: Ops get a color printer, reg black and white?
Dave: We need to make sure we have spares on-hand so we don’t run out AT con.
Brian: Ongoing board expense, or con expense?
Dave: The con
Anna: The con already buys ink, so that can just stay that way.
John: If they just replace the spare, we’ll be fine.  Although a good printer will tell you how much you have left, so we’ll know if we need more at end of con.
Amy: Right, part of regular post-con inventory.
Dave will look into what printer(s) are a good choice for us.
Brian: Okay, what printers, how many, should they be the same to help with toner purchases?
Dave: should we see if DetCon wants to sell (donate) stuff they had to buy for their one-off con?
ConChair Report:We have a con!
We have most of a concom!
We need someone to run volunteers for 2015. We have all of Jessica’s paperwork
We should have an online repository for documents so that concom gets copies and we still retain it.
We need to decide on hotel, it hasn’t been finalized.  We should have a contract from Mimi soon to review.
Centerpoint contacted us, as well.
Should we set up a meeting? Dave will think about the function space.
New Business:
The Cube is super expensive
Uhaul trucks don’t work well at GFS, they are too low.
Penske has better trucks for our use, so we should change trucking companies.
$600 for six months of storage? Seems high.
Having the cube close to Con is helpful for last minute grabbing
Also, weather is horrible. This year it took six hours to do all the gathering/delivering because of distance.
Climate controlled A++
We aren’t likely to switch hotels
Cube is paid until the end of July
Move the cube after the picnic.
Actually, we could move the cube with personal vehicles
July is a good time to make any further moving decisions, too.
Amy will look into prices
We renewed our domains for two years. – Yes.
Coffee makers
Amy suggests we buy two or three 100 cup pots.
We need to make some upgrades
We don’t know how much they cost yet.
Chloe says around $100-120.
Lithie likes the idea.
Seems like a good investment.
Maybe go even a little higher end for durability
We will look into prices and ideas – well, Chloe will.
We need to spend money
See printers and taxes and coffee makers.
Voting Meeting
3/29/2014 – Hopefully at the hotel, Brian will find out.
4:00 concom meeting, then party
Angie will write an email asking for candidates nominations@aasfa.org (after Dave makes it) (and brian gets us a location)
Board members
Name of con
Social media blast as well – and websites
Food and budget: We ordered wraps from the hotel – brian proposes $500 budget, amy seconds, all approved. Hotel will do the same thing
we did for Dave’s concom meeting.  Amy will buy booze and veggies and snacks
Who is safe?  John is safe because it’s his first election. Anna is safe. Amy is also safe.
Nomiations are dave, angie, chloe, brian
Summer party – June 28th – July 26th if we have to.
Anna will arrange for the park.
Cool stuff grants for room parties?
Let’s the broader community contribute to the con without working ON the con.
Sponsor an all ages party? Work with Teen Fusion?
What other sort of book donation stuff can we do?  Low income schools?
More promotion of the educational side of the community
pendrican school downriver?
Angie will try to find some contact info
Motion to close meeting called by Amy, seconded by  Meeting closes at 7:51 passed – Chloe and Brian opposed

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