AASFA Board Minutes, April 2014

AASFA board 4/17/14
In attendance
Brian Decker, President
Anna Carey, Vice President
Amy Zrnich, Treasurer
Angie Rush, Secretary
John Davis
Chloe Zrnich
2015 Confusion Conchair
Members in attendance:
Brian, John, Anna, Chloe, Angie, Amy
Member not in attendance
Dave Klecha
Meeting Called to order at 7:10 by Brian Decker
Voting on positions
President: Chloe nominates Brian
Anna seconds
Brian abstains, all vote yes
Vice President: Angie nominates Anna
Chloe seconds
Anna abstains, all vote yes
Treasurer: Chloe nominates amy, anna seconds
Amy abstains, all vote yes
Secretary: Chloe nominates angie
john seconds
angie abstains, all vote yes
Positions for 2014-2015 set
Motion to approve February minutes by Angie, seconded by Chloe
Brian against, all for, none abstain
President’s Report: all is in old business
Treasurer’s Report: we still have money, rest in old business
Old Business:
Incorporation Discussion – We have the bank paperwork, we need to talk to the attorney next to see what we need to do
Square vs Paypal – Tabled
Con needs a printer – tabled, Dave isn’t here.
ConChair Report: Dave isnt here.
Moving the cube: Amy: Simply Self Storage in lincoln park. 5×5  (indoor)
Brian: We’re in a 5x10ish – 5×5 would be too small
Amy: 5×10 for $50 month – but april would be $23 and May would be free. There are lots of specials.
Amy: 5×15 also available
Amy: Metro Storage – also a penske dealer, we can get the truck there, too. closer to the hotel than Simply
Brian: What are we paying right now?
Amy: Roughly $70/month
Amy: Metro Storage is climate controlled. When you move in you get a free moving truck, just mileage and gas.
Amy: Metro storage also does long-term discounts. It’s in Taylor – Southfield and Van Born
Amy: Metro Storage doesn’t have prices, but they have a 5×5 and 5×10 and 7.5×10
Amy: Move would be when we do the picnic (June).
Amy: the 7.5×10 might help with space, not sure we need a 10×10
Detcon lending: Tabled
Coffee Makers:Chloe:  Tabled to look up automatic coffee makers
Summer party – Anna: Changing location so we’d have a bathroom. June 28th is available. Anna will reserve it
Cool stuff grants for room parties – tabled for dave
What other sort of book donation stuff can we do?  Low income schools?
More promotion of the educational side of the community
pendrican school downriver?
Angie will try to find some contact info (Tabled)
New Business:
We owe ucon a game. They’d be happy with a copy of Legendary.
Vote to approve money for John to buy a copy and coordinate getting it to them:
Motion called by Angie – seconded by Chloe
Brian abstains, everyone else votes yes
Motion to close meeting called by Brian, seconded by Angie – unanimous Meeting closes at 7:33

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