AASFA Board Minutes, May 2014

AASFA board 5/27/14
In attendance
Brian Decker, President
Anna Carey, Vice President
Amy Zrnich, Treasurer
Angie Rush, Secretary
John Davis
Dave Klecha
Not in attendance: Chloe Zrnich
Meeting Called to order at 6:59 by Brian Decker
Motion to approve April minutes by Angie, seconded by Dave
All for
President’s Report: Nothing new
Treasurer’s Report: Nothing new
Old Business:
Incorporation Discussion – We have the bank paperwork, Amy and Brian need to sit down and put together a profit/loss for a number of years (seven, perhaps)
Square vs Paypal – Tabled
Con needs a printer – Tabled per Dave – waiting to see what comes out of Detcon1
ConChair Report: We have a con.
Dave is working on a budget
Have name, hotel, dates, gohs, most of our staff
Aaron needs a liaison, is there anyone he would specifically want?
Concom meeting on Sunday
Moving the cube: Metro Storage looks like the best choice still.
Brian: do the move when it’s optimal, maybe not picnic time.
Amy: Contract is up July 1st – need to move before then
Amy calls a motion to move our storage facility from Public Storage in Troy to Metro Storage in Taylor due to the fact that it’s closer to our hotel
now.  They’ll give us a truck to move in, and it’s climate controlled
Seconded by Dave
Approved unanimously
Detcon lending: Dave: no problem with it, as long as Lithie is involved, we could pull stuff when we move cubes.
Also make sure we don’t lend out anything we’ll need for the picnic
When we move cubes, we’ll put out the picnic stuff AND the stuff Detcon1 is borrowing.
Then put everything else in the new cube.
Dave will take on all responsibility for dealing with Detcon1 stuff.
Amy says: share the inventory with her so we know what we don’t need and she can do a GFS pre-order
(Looking at the 21st or the 22nd (Anna is not available on the 21st.))
Detcon1 is offering us some of their printers/etc that they buy and then will have no use for afterwards.
Dave calls a motion to lend our non-perishable, non-disposal fixtures/appliances/utensils to Detcon1 for their use during the con
and it will be returned. Seconded by John, passed unanimously.
Coffee Makers:Tabled because Chloe isn’t here.
Summer party: We haven’t heard back from Ann Arbor – need to finalize the contract. Anna will contact them again. She’ll call if she doesn’t hear
by the end of the week.
We need to open nominations for 2016 GoHs – Anna will put the email out about it, we will use the nominations@aasfa.org
Cool stuff grants
for room parties: An all-ages party through a cool stuff grant? Someone would have to propose an idea and follow through for it
Add it to the budget?
But we still need someone to run it, so if they’re interested enough to ask, they’d be interested enough to do it
We’d email out saying “Hey, we have a cool stuff grant – and here’s a great idea! We’re trying to improve the party scene.
Hey, if you have a good idea, we might actually pay for it!
Will we require them to call in or show up in person to propose it? Yes, it should be part of the process.
Proposal through email, then ask them to come talk about it in person
$?  We gave $200 for the Dalek
It needs to benefit the community.
Booze is still an issue – we do not want to be responsible for that.
Decorations? Room fee? Food, etc.
Book Donations: Angie (Pendrican) Tabled
Game to Ucon: John bought Legendary, will arrange delivery. Has turned in receipt.
New Business:
Stilyagi.org we need to transfer the domain name to our Network Solutions account
Dave needs the Network Solutions password
Motion to close meeting called by Brian, seconded by Anna – unanimous Meeting closes at 7:50

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