AASFA Board Minutes, February 2015

AASFA board 2/26/2014

Brian Decker, President

Anna Carey, Vice President

Amy Zrnich, Treasurer

Angie Rush, Secretary

John Davis

Dave Klecha

Chloe Zrnich (Not present)

Meeting Called to order at 7:23 by Brian

President’s Report:      Will be addressed in old and new business.

Treasurer’s Report:      Nothing new.

Old Business:

Incorporation:              Contacted attorney & gave him the paperwork he requested.

Need to find an accountant, attorney can recommend one possibly.

Brian will talk to the attorney about moving forward to fixing our


Con Chair Report:    Gave Convocation half page flyers for their freebie table

We will have a party at Penguicon

Will work with treasurer re: budget

We’ll also have a full-page ad in Penguicon’s book

Novi Sheraton was visited re: moving, negotiating options, no decision has been made

Working on asking GoHs

John Davis will be co-chair

Working with Subpress again

The Budget has been sent to the Board for review.


New Business:            March meeting/party/hand off party – Anna                                     Motion to approve $500 for Anna to plan this party by Brian,

seconded by Dave, unanimous

Elections – who is safe, Dave, Brian and John are safe.

need name suggestions for the vote.

Dave will do the call for nominations

PO Box: May have to change our address

We have to fill out paperwork to get a PO Box again




Motion to close the meeting at 8:48 by Brian seconded by Angie Unanimous

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