AASFA Board Minutes, October 2016

October 2016 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Dave Klecha
Cylithria Dubois
John Davis
Eric Guy (tardy)

Also Present:
Amy Zrnich
Allison Anderson (remote)

Meeting Called to order at 7:50PM by Brian

Lithie moves to approve last meeting minutes, Anna seconds, 5 voting to approve.

President’s Report:  All will be covered in new & old business

Treasurer’s Report:  Brian and Anna tried to get Anna on the accounts, but they need all current account holders present to add or remove people from it, so they need to coordinate with Amy to make changes. Amy has provided online information to Anna so she can monitor accounts. Suggestion brought up to leave Amy on all accounts because otherwise it’s just Brian and Anna, and they travel frequently together for business. To be determined by the Board Treasurer. Anna is also working out issues with Ameriprise, who holds the Board’s snow fund.

ConChair Report:  Meetings last weekend, everything seems to be falling into place. Hotel is filling up. Lot of talk about accessibility, filled track head positions. Programming working to set schedule by Thanksgiving. Still working to set up something for KidFusion. We have an official charity.

Old Business:

Incorporation:  Tabled.

ConChair for 2018 discussion. Amy and Allison (remote) present to present their vision as ConChair. Allison indicates that she would be most interested in serving as an assistant ConChair for 2018, but not necessarily as ConChair. Amy is willing, but nervous about running the whole show. She would want to grow the charity angle and keep the con going in the direction it has been going. Concerned about not having enough personal connections to make stuff happen. Discussion of Amy’s suitability as ConChair and the old method of pushing an assistant on a ConChair to groom the assistant for ConChair the subsequent year. Eric nominates Amy to be ConChair for 2018. Lithie seconds. Vote to approve 6-0.

Discussion of GoH selection and the latitude the ConChair has in selecting GoHs beyond those voted on by the membership at the summer picnic.

Two big bags of stuff. Tabled.

New Business:

Josh Parker has resigned from his position on the Board and the stepped down from the Board in general. Need to fill both the vacant Board slot and the Vice President position. Do not need to be filled right now, but we need to do so soon to make sure we get quorum. Anna nominates Allison for the Board. Lithie seconds. Brian throws extra words in. 5 votes for, Brian abstains. 

Vice President vacancy. Dave nominates Eric. Lithie seconds. No further discussion. 6 votes for, Eric abstains. 

Next meeting scheduling. Potentially at the ConCom meeting. Brian needs to check on dates with the hotel.

Printer has been sitting at Eric’s house forever, needs to be moved to the storage cube. Anna will call over to the storage unit to add Eric and Allison to the access list. Also discussion of adding logistics person (Dan) to the access list.

Braille pricing for the convention, and may need to connect with whoever did Books for the Blind. May need to reach out to Angie Rush. Anna is looking for frugal options for doing Braille programs. Dave and Allison will take on looking into old records for this information.

Next meeting : Tentative on the 12/17. To confirm with board members not in attendance. 

Motion to close the meeting at 12:08pm  by Lithie seconded by Eric, 5 voted for, 0 opposed.

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