AASFA Board Minutes, December 2016

December 2016 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Cylithria Dubois
Eric Guy

Allison Anderson
David Klecha
John Davis

Also in Attendance: 

Dan E.

Meeting Called to order at 11:22am by Brian

Eric moves to approve last meeting’s minutes, Brian seconds, 7 voting to approve.

President’s Report:  All will be covered in new & old business

Treasurer’s Report:  Somehow lost the PO Box. Discussion of reestablishing it again. John volunteers to go back to the Ann Arbor Post Office to get the box sorted back out. John and Anna will meet up to get John a blank check. Still need to meet up with Amy to get Anna on all the accounts.

ConChair Report:  A little bit of communication breakdown on what is done and what needs to be done yet. 207 Pre-registrations right now. 

Old Business:

Incorporation:  Brian met with his accountant and discussed the reincorporation. Gave Brian a number of avenues of investigation, and strengthened the case for incorporating as a new entity. Important distinction is that members of the con pay dues, which is distinct from revenue in a legal fashion. Board members charged with considering next steps for the next regular meeting in February.

Two big bags of stuff. Tabled.

New Business: 

Dragon’s Den at ConFusion. Pot of $500 to give out for things to benefit the convention.

Next meeting: 

Motion to close the meeting at 12:07pm by Lithie, seconded by Brian, 6 for one against.

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