AASFA Board Minutes, May 2017

May 2017 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Eric Guy
Allison Anderson
David Klecha
Amy Sexsmith

Meeting Called to order at 11:47am by Brian

Eric moves to approve last meeting’s minutes, Amy seconds, 6-0 voting to approve.

President’s Report:  Nothing new to report.

Treasurer’s Report:  Nothing new to report, no changes. Still working on getting the accounts switched over.

ConChair Report: Requesting a little more time for the budget due to external time factors. Would like to move it to an online vote via e-mail. Website is up and going, threw a party at Penguicon and won best drink. 

Old Business:

Incorporation:  Discussion tabled, but we’ll need to have a meeting to discuss this in depth. Making serious plans for the June meeting to discuss in depth.

Two big bags of stuff. Anna gave them a good, hard look. Tabled.

Firefly Room Party Discussion: They did not respond to the most recent meeting invite, will make one more effort to bring them to a meeting.

Storage Cube: Lithie absent, no report until she’s present. Anna will look into when the current contract expires, in case we need to do something before then. 

New Business:

Scheduling next meeting, ideally for 10am on 6/24, Brian will check with hotel. 

Anna is giving Amy a key to the PO Box.

Contract signed with the hotel, no other issues necessary. 

Discussion of ramifications of harassment issue at Penguicon.

Motion to close the meeting at 12:15pm by Dave, seconded by Eric, 6-0 for.

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