AASFA Board Minutes, April 2017

April 2017 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Cylithria Dubois
Eric Guy
Allison Anderson
David Klecha
Amy Sexsmith

Meeting Called to order at 10:24am by Brian

First order of business. Nominations for President. Anna nominates Brian Decker, seconded by Amy. 6 for, one abstaining.

Nomination for Vice President. Amy nominates Eric Guy, Lithie seconds. 6 for, one abstaining.

Nomination for Treasurer. Dave nominates Anna. Amy seconds. 6 for, one abstaining.

Nomination for Secretary. Amy nominates Dave. Anna seconds. 6 for, one abstaining. 

Cylithria moves to approve last meeting’s minutes, Eric seconds, 7-0 voting to approve.

President’s Report:  We had a voting party. Lost John Davis. Updated mailing list to remove John and add Amy. All else covered in new and old business.

Treasurer’s Report:  Working on getting accounts straightened out. We do have money in our accounts. Anna has $500 in cash for Dragon’s Den if it were to happen, but could be repurposed for ConFusion party. 

ConChair Report: We had a voting party, got a theme. ConFusion through the Looking Glass is the name. Two confirmed GoHs. Hotel and dates are set, 18th-21st of January at the Sheraton. Budget proposal will come in May. Still wrangling staff into their positions. Party at Penguicon. Hotel contract signed and settled.

Old Business:

Incorporation:  Discussion is tabled until the next regular meeting for Brian to do more research.

Two big bags of stuff. Anna gave them a good, hard look. Tabled.

AASFA Picnic Planning: Set for July 15. Eric moves to provide $500 for the picnic budget, for Dave to manage. Lithie seconds. Vote is 7-0 for. 

Firefly Room Party Discussion: Tabled to invite them to next meeting. Need to schedule May’s meeting. Dave will invite them once the May meeting is scheduled. 

Storage Cube: Lithie will work on it. Tabled until next meeting. 

New Business:

No new business.

Motion to close the meeting at 10:50am by Brian, seconded by Lithie, 7-0 for.

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