AASFA Board Minutes, February 2018

February 2018 Minutes


Anna Carey
Dave Klecha
Allison Anderson (Remote)
Eric Guy (Remote)
Cylithria Dubois (Remote)

Brian Decker
Amy Sexsmith

Eric calls the meeting to order 11:07am.

Anna moves to approves the December meeting minutes. Cylithria seconds. Motion passes 5-0

President’s report: President is absent, no report.

Treasurer’s report: Still not on the books, nothing to report. Working with Amy to get to the bank and get on the account. No numbers yet for ConFusion Through the Looking Glass. Hotel bill not paid yet due to disputes.

ConChair’s report: ConChair is absent, no report.

Old Business:

Incorporation: Tabled due to absence of President.

New Business:

Spring Voting Meeting: Discussion of date for Spring voting meeting, centering on early April. April 14 looking good for everyone in the meeting at the moment. Need to confirm with Brian and Amy before setting it in stone. Consensus on the hotel as a venue if available. Suggestion of Amy to run it again, and Allison volunteers to assist if necessary. Dave will reach out to Amy to make sure she’s okay with it, then online vote to approve. 

Board Nominations: Tabled until March.

ConFusion Planning Calendar: Anna proposes the creation of a Board-dictated calendar for timing of ConFusion planning. Due dates, fallback dates, reminder dates, and so on. Need to create a document working backward from con date. Suggestion for each Board member to work on in their own areas of strength to assemble timelines to be transposed into a shareable online calendar. 

March Board Meeting: Need to check with Amy on dates for a March ConCom meeting. General availability for after work is good on Wednesdays and Fridays, weekends mostly look good. 

Dave moves to close the meeting at 11:51 am, Allison seconds, motion passes 5-0.

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