AASFA Board Minutes, November 2018

November 2018 Minutes


Brian Decker,
Anna Carey
Dave Klecha (remote)
Eric Guy
Amy Sexsmith 
Allison Anderson (remote)
Cylithria Dubois (remote)

Brian calls the meeting to order at 11:38 am

Anna moves to approve the meeting minutes. Eric seconds. Passes 7-0.

President’s report: A lot of exciting stuff going on, but it will be covered in new and old business.

Treasurer’s report: We still have money.

ConChair’s report: Con is still happening. Everything will be covered in ConCom meeting.

ConChair’s 2020 report: Eric is thinking about several themes for 2020, including a Stargate theme. Looking for info on how to contact nominated guests of honor. Dave will work with Eric to develop contacts for reaching out to possible Guests of Honor.

Old Business:

Incorporation: Tabled still. No compelling reason to incorporate at this point.

Post Office Box: Dave has signed up for the PO Box and will pick up a key Tuesday, 11/20 and inform the Board of the new address.

Con Prep: Dragon’s Den. Let’s do it! Dave is also planning outreach panels to try to generate more volunteers and staff, probably at least one on Sunday morning.

New Business:

Voting Meeting: Needs to be set for March. MUST BE DONE AT DECEMBER MEETING.

AASFA Planning Calendar: Set out hard dates for annual events so that we can plan better and be more proactive.

Board Outreach: Need to work on developing a “bench” to back up the current skeleton crew on ConCom.

December Meeting: Shooting for 12/16, but 12/9 is also an option. Depends on ConCom meeting and hotel availability.

January Meeting: Shooting for January 6. Depends on ConCom meeting and hotel availability.

Handoff Meeting/Party: Decide at December meeting on date/time/location for this.

Dave moves to close the meeting at 12:24pm. Eric seconds. Motion passes 7-0.

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