AASFA Board Minutes January 2019

January 2019 Supplementary Minutes


Brian Decker
Amy Sexsmith
David Klecha
Allison Anderson
Anna Carey
Cylithria Dubois


Ryan Carey
Dan Eckard

Brian calls the meeting to order at 2:01pm

Brian moves to table all procedures. Dave seconds. 6-0 for. 

Cylithria moves to accept Eric’s resignation. Anna seconds. 6-0 for. 

Amy moves to appoint Cylithria to Interim ConChair. Dave seconds. 5-0 for, 1 abstains. 

Dave moves to leave Board position vacant until March voting meeting. Amy seconds. 6-0 for. 

Cylithria moves to close the meeting at 2:05pm. Anna seconds. 6-0 for. 

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