AASFA Board Minutes, February 2019

February 2019 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Dave Klecha
Amy Sexsmith
Allison Anderson
Cylithria Dubois

Also present:
Dan Eckerd
Geralyn Lance

Brian calls the meeting to order at 11:39 am 1:07pm

Brian moves to approve the meeting minutes. Anna seconds. Passes 6-0.

President’s report: A lot of exciting stuff going on, but it will be covered in new and old business.

Treasurer’s report: We still have money.

ConChair’s 2019 report: We had a con. It was rather successful. Weather did lessen attendance overall, including program participants. Still closing out billing including paying the hotel bill due to a lack of contact with Mimi.

ConChair 2020 report:  Lithie is ConChair, Geralyn is deputy, Brian is hotel liaison. Hotel contract is being worked on, Sheraton is in the mix as well as Doubletree. Got no money, got no hotel, got no pre-regs. (Actually, maybe we do.)

Old Business:

Incorporation: Tabled still. No compelling reason to incorporate at this point

Handoff/Voting Meeting/Party: Geralyn has volunteered to host, March 16 as a locked in date. Starting at 4pm, voting begins at 5pm with the cut off at 7pm. 

AASFA Planning Calendar: Set out hard dates for annual events so that we can plan better and be more proactive.

Nominations for Voting Party: One of the safe people will count votes. Dave moves to make Lithie, Allison, and Brian “safe” for voting. Anna seconds. Motion passes 6-0. Nominees for the Board will be passed in to nominations@aasfa.org. Nominations for the ConFusion 2020 theme will be sent in as well. Call for nominations to be disseminated on social media.

Party food/prep: Lithie makes a motion to set the budget for $500 and Allison to handle it. Anna seconds. Motion passes 6-0.

Domain name renewal: Dave moves to approve $100 for an auto-renewal of AASFA.org and confusions.org. Lithie seconds. Motion passes 6-0. 

Update the AASFA website: Just a reminder that this needs to be done. Dave & Lithie will work together to make some updates.

Feedback from ConFusion 2019: Lithie suggests that feedback be closed at the end of February, and will put a social media blast out to collect final stragglers. How is the information shared? Copied and shared by Anna out to relevant upcoming concom members. Add a Code of Conduct violation form for reporting behavior, which never closes and allows anonymity, plus adding a link to that form from the general feedback form.

Dave Brian moves to close the meeting at 2:25pm. Dave seconds. Motion passes 6-0.

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