AASFA Board Minutes, April 2019

April 2019 Minutes


Brian Decker
Anna Carey
Dave Klecha (remote)
Amy Sexsmith (remote)
Allison Anderson (remote)
Cylithria DuboisBob Brodis (remote)

Also present:
Dan Eckerd
Geralyn Lance

Brian calls the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Anna nominates Brian for the position of President. Allison seconds. Passes 6-0.

Anna nominates Dave for the position of Vice President. Bob seconds. Passes 6-0.

Anna nominates Amy for the position of Treasurer. Allison seconds. Passes 6-0.

Allison nominates Bob for the position of Secretary. Dave seconds. Passes 6-0.

Board officer positions have been filled.

Brian moves to approve the meeting minutes. Anna seconds. Passes 6-0.

President’s report: Voting meeting last month and added Bob Brodis to the Board.

Treasurer’s report: Among all the bank accounts, we have around $6500. Among all events, we lost money, but analysis is not complete.

ConChair 2020 report:  Evidently, it’s going to be a tight year. In a holding pattern with the hotel contract due to added requirements for the contract. Likely will need to liquidate the snow fund to cover losses from this year. More fiscal responsibility will be required, possibly including increased badge prices. Discussing the possible staffing of Penguicon party. Anna will run it. Discussing registration prices. Pricing will go up to $50 for pre-reg of adults, kids’ pre-reg will remain the same.

Old Business:

Incorporation: Tabled still. No compelling reason to incorporate at this point.

AASFA Planning Calendar: Set out hard dates for annual events so that we can plan better and be more proactive.

Update the AASFA website: Just a reminder that this needs to be done. Dave & Lithie will work together to make some updates.

New Business:

AASFA Summer Picnic: Next meeting after Penguicon we must assign responsible party for picnic, choose dates, etc.

Brian moves to close the meeting at 8:25pm. Lithie seconds. Motion passes 7-0.

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