AASFA Board Minutes, August 2014

AASFA board 8/28/2014
In attendance
Brian Decker, President
Anna Carey, Vice President
Amy Zrnich, Treasurer
Angie Rush, Secretary
John Davis
Dave Klecha
Chloe Zrnich
Also in attendance: Ryan Carey and Tammy Coxen
Meeting Called to order at 7:07  by Brian
Motion to approve July minutes by Brian, seconded by Chloe
6 for, one abstain (Amy)
President’s Report: Nothing new, see old and new business.
Treasurer’s Report: Nothing new.
Old Business:
Incorporation Discussion – Waiting on the last of the mail from the PO Box. Chloe didn’t make it to the mailbox.
Square vs Paypal – Tabled
Con needs a printer – Waiting on Detcon.
ConChair Report: We still have a con.
Programming retreat next month.
Next Concom meeting on the 21st.
Budget: waiting on pricing for color covers (John)  (BTTF Almanac)
Can’t vote on the budget until we get that pricing. John will work it up tomorrow.
Detcon lending:We need to get our Detcon lending stuff back once they get settled, Dave will reinventory it.
Coffee Makers: Still reviewing coffeemakers.
Cool stuff grants
for room parties: Tabled.
Book Donations: Angie (Pendrican) School starts next week, Angie will contact the school to be put in touch with teachers.
Stilyagi.org It has been transferred over. Done!
2016 ConChair See new business
New Business:       Voted for 2016 con chair – Anna Carey was elected via the board.
Angie would like to price out an October fall outing for AASFA – bonfire/hayride.
Will email cost estimations to the board for discussion at the next meeting
Wyards – Ann Arbor
Next meeting at the hotel – 9/21 @ noon (hotel depending)
Motion to close the meeting at 6:42 called by Brian, seconded by Dave, all for.
Motion to close meeting called by Brian, seconded by BRian – unanimous Meeting closes at 3:03

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