AASFA Board Minutes, September 2018

September 2018 Minutes

Anna Carey
Dave Klecha
Eric Guy
Amy Sexsmith
Allison Anderson (remote)

Eric calls the meeting to order at 12:12 pm

Eric moves to approve the meeting minutes. Anna seconds. Passes 5-0

President’s report: President absent, no report.

Treasurer’s report: We have money and online access to the bank.

ConChair’s report: Running behind, but we’re still going to have a con. Meeting today. Areas are still floundering are Dealer’s Room (vending in general) and Room Parties. Still looking to add a Science GoH, but there is a suggestion from Karen.

Old Business:

Incorporation: Tabled.

Post Office Box: Dave will go to place on 12 Mile Road and secure PO Box. 

ConChair Selection for 2020: Tabled.

New Business:

Con Prep: Dragon’s Den and such.

Voting Meeting: Needs to be set for March. 

AASFA Planning Calendar: Set out hard dates for annual events so that we can plan better and be more proactive.

October Meeting: Looking at October 20th for next ConCom meeting. Consensus on that date for 11am AASFA Board meeting.

Dave moves to close the meeting at 12:28pm Anna seconds, motion passes 5-0.

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